Ömür Çelik simultaneously adopts order of “customer need, employee safety, and respect to nature” in company quality policy. When using product quality at maximum degree, it considers the balance and importance of human in ecosystem.

Steels produced in high quality standards and targeting customer satisfaction without condition guarantees both customer and employee satisfaction with quality certificates they have.

It is the main policy of the company to follow the most advanced technologies in market conditions which may change any moment, to use energy and natural source consumption efficiently, to comply with the requirements of company quality management system, to ensure continuous improvement of this system, to pay attention to ethical values, to consider environmental and occupational safety elements in every kind of development such as product, service, machine, method, and process, to keep risks under control, to ensure safe working environment, to minimize occupational accidents, to keep communal benefits forefront, and to advance by applying “TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT” which is a human-focused management way.


We commit to our customers, employees, and suppliers to establish the required awareness and culture in occupational health and safety and to realize the following requirements in order to create safer and healthier working environment:

  • To comply with all the laws and regulations in force in relation with Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Protection,
  • To train all employees to ensure health and safety,
  • To realize continuous improvement in order to prevent repetition of accidents and actions realized,
  • To use natural sources in economic and efficient way and take all precautions to ensure recycle of wastes required to be disposed in order to prevent pollution,
  • To continuously inspect the system and activities it has establishes and to keep it open for the inspection of relevant parties.


In order to ensure production of steels produced in our production facilities in compliance with the international standards, the following measurement devices are used in our test laboratories;

Spectral Analysis Devices

Portable Ultrasonic Examination Device

Brinell ( HB) ,Rockwell (HRB-HRC), Vickers Hardness Measurement Device.

Portable Hardness Device