As Ömür Çelik, we are a company which creates a difference in the sector with our powerful Human Resources structure. We know that customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are directly proportional. Thus, we take our focus to our employees simultaneously with our customers and we make investment to human.

We support professional careers of our employees with our innovative Human Resources applications. We design process, system, source, and infrastructure which shall contribute to the competence and performance development of them.

We train qualified labour to the sector and our company in Ömür Çelik. In direction of our company strategy and our targets, we provide multidimensional and continuous improvement opportunities to our employees. On the road of becoming a learning and teaching organization, we make investment to future. By always considering the communal benefit, we make contribution to development of all individuals and groups in our ecosystem. Thus, we serve to our company vision and we continue our fast and stable growth.

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